Church of the Holy Fire of Man

The state religion of the kingdom of Ignii, it worships the patron of mankind, the fire god Ignuus.

Creation Myth: in the beginning there was only the darkness of the abyss. Living within it was the darkness and the horror of a world without light. The world was full of monster and abominations the likes of which the holy texts cannot even begin to describe. But, the age of darkness was ended by the god Ignuus creating the first flame, the first light in the darkness. And with that fire he made the first men, the first hunters. And began a crusade against the darkness the lives on to this day.

Dogma of the Church: Mankind( meaning humans) are the most superior race on Semita. All other races have the root of the abyss within them, as they were born before the great light of Ignuus was brought to the world. The “Lesser Species” of Semita are not given the same rights as humans in lands dominated by The Church of the Holy Fire of Man. In Ignii non humans are treated as second class citizens and are likely to be taken to the torch if convicted of most crimes.

Favored Method of Execution: when one is “taken to the torch” by The Church, one is crucified and then lit on fire, as it is believed when you are touched by fire Ignuus himself is judging you, and the method of crucifixion takes away the chance for the criminal to escape the gaze of god. All person’s guilty of crimes such as murder, and heresy, are given this manner of punishment, however it does not always end it death. There have been instances of the fires miraculously not burning the person in question. These persons are dubbed The Unburned, and go forth into the world to do Ignuus work in exchange for his mercy. The ranks of The Unburned are not limited by species.

Church of the Holy Fire of Man

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