Wizard Specialization: Chronomancer

Hit Die: d4
Mana: Wizards have a d20+ intelligence modifier at first level, and a d12+intelligence modifier at all levels after this

Class Feature: Chronomancers have the ability to use the Domain of Time( see Domains of Magic), and also gain the feature: Feat Chronomancy

Feat Chronomancy: in addition to mana a Chronomancer is capable of using XP as a currency to cast spells, for the same cost as normal mana, use of XP is however required to cast spells from the Domain of Time.

Chronomantic Abilites:

1. Time Manipulation: when rolling initiative, rolling to hit, or rolling for damage, you are able to spend 10 xp to augment a single die ( this scales in increments of 10 per dice, for example if a chronomancer wishes to augment their initiative, to hit die, and damage roll with a bastard sword they would have to spend 50xp for five dice).

2. Foresight: a chronomancer is able to spend 100xp, to gain a +5 bonus on an insight check to foresee the events of a day, fight, or simply a general scenario, the DM still determines what is the the Chronomancer foresees.

3. Revert to Save: a Chronomancer is able to at any time spent 1000xp to save a version of himself in time, to revert to in the event of his death. A chronomancer is only able to maintain one of these at a time, and experiences time as normal after reverting.

4. Time Travel: a chronomancer is capable of taking himself, and a number of willing participants equal to his wizard level both forward and back in time in increments of years, for each year of travel it costs 1000xp, for months it costs 82xp her month, for days 3xp, for minutes 1xp. However if the check to complete this action successfully is equal to 10 + number of people being moved through time + the years being moved( or in the event of days souley the number of days, same for months), to a maximum of a check of 50, if you critically fail this check you and all participants are immediately and unreveersably killed as you have been taken out of the time stream permanently

Also if you critically fail on using a spell bolstered by Chronomancy you must have your game master roll on the Chronomancy Mishap table

d6 table for Chronomancy MIshaps
1. You are immediately reverted to the lowest possible age of your species, you must age back to your normal age as normal, due to the magical nature of this regression you are considered cursed, and cannot be aged forward by means of magic, even divine intervention.
2. You are unable to ever attempt the spell you were bolstering, you are no longer able to remember anything about the spell, the knowledge of it’s use is lost to you, permanently.
3. Your mana pool maximum is permanently locked with that of your age.
4. You are unable to gain new mana points.
5. You are unable to gain new hit poitns
6. You are unable to gain experience.

Wizard Specialization: Chronomancer

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